Mission Implausible?

West Seattle’s 34th District Democrats know where to put their poop! The Honorary Mayors of Poohville, USA, Dow Constantine, Kingly County King; Joe McDermott, Kingly Courtesan; and Tom Rasmussen, Seattle Courtesan, get all the credit for letting the Fauntleroy Wing of the 34th District Democrats turn what used to be a Renter’s Paradise (the Lowman Beach Park neighborhood) into a shit-hole.

Our Mission!

It doesn’t take a half-Dow brain to get it — our mission is to do our very best to embarrass the shit out of the major pooh-boys responsible for the extinction of Renter’s Paradise.

You might ask us, “Aren’t you embarrassing yourselves in the process of attempting to embarrass the pooh-boys of Washington State by being so adolescent, immature, and just plain rude?” That’s a valid question.

And here’s the certified valid answer — We don’t mind being imperfect and we are quite comfortable embarrassing ourselves, or, for that matter, being embarrassed by others. Shit, if you can’t stand a little rib-tickling for a good cause, then you shouldn’t be supporting permanent destruction of treasured neighborhoods for a so-called good cause! I think you can get my drift on that, eh? (Or, not. . .)

While you are deeply thinking (probably not), do a little research on what is called “satire” and “protest literature.”

Futility is the mindset that the powerful (read “the monied”) want you to have.  We don’t think that reminding people of the extinction of a one-of-a-kind neighborhood and who brought that extinction about is any more futile than reminding people of what happened to the West Africa Black Rhino, officially declared extinct in 2013.

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