“I Stink, Therefore I am”

West Seattle’s 34th District Democrats know where to put their poop! The Honorary Mayors of Poohville, USA, Dow Constantine, Kingly County King; Joe McDermott, Kingly Courtesan; and Tom Rasmussen, Seattle Courtesan, get all the credit for letting the Fauntleroy Wing of the 34th District Democrats turn what used to be a Renter’s Paradise (the Lowman Beach Park neighborhood) into a shit-hole.

If you believe the promises of King County Wastewater Division that the new Murray CSO underground sewage tank will include an upgraded and highly improved odor control system, then, you must be drinking Kingly County’s kool aid.  They have had more than 25 years to fix the serious odor problems experienced by the Lowman Beach neighborhood with the existing pump station, and they haven’t been able to do that.  You really think they are going to do it right this time?   Gluttons for abuse, you are. Can you say “spineless in Seattle”?

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