West Seattle’s 34th District Democrats know where to put their poop! The Honorary Mayors of Poohville, USA, Dow Constantine, Kingly County King; Joe McDermott, Kingly Courtesan; and Tom Rasmussen, Seattle Courtesan, get all the credit for letting the Fauntleroy Wing of the 34th District Democrats turn what used to be a Renter’s Paradise (the Lowman Beach Park neighborhood) into a shit-hole.

Get the T-Shirt That Keeps it Real! (Posted 08/16/2014)

Are you in denial? Do you need a reminder of what has been done to Renter’s Paradise? Do you want your friends and neighbors (oh, and enemies) in West Seattle to never forget what they let happen to a treasured, one-of-a-kind neighborhood?

Well, this is the T-shirt for you! Help elected and missing-in-action officials and King County Wastewater Treatment Division to wake up and smell reality!

"Wake up and smell the destruction of a neighborhood."

A guru I knew would often say “A little satire goes a long way.”

If you don’t say “ouch” nobody will know you are hurting. Click here to get the T-Shirt that keeps it real!

Poolville’s Fight Song! (posted 07/11/2014)!

Poohville’s logical anthem, its fight song if you will — “Destroy paradise, put in a sewage tank.”

Don’t you (especially you!) know,
That you are too slow,
And never seem to know
What you’ve got ’til it’s gone.
Denial really is  your thing.
Delusions change shit into diamond rings.
Destroy renter’s paradise,
Put in a smelly tank!

Briefly — The Latest Torture (posted 07/02/2014 updated 08/17/2014)!

The Protestors Of Oppressed People Coalition, West Seattle Chapter (POOP Coalition), has been attempting to get some reduction of the constantly illegal noise levels generated by vacuum pump trucks, doubled-up concrete trucks, concrete pumping trucks, a large-bore drilling machine, and several other industrial machines, pumps, and generators, WITHOUT any success or even what could be considered any professional-grade followup to the complaints and pleas for less torture. The so-called Noise Abatement office within the DPD has shown itself to be as close to useless for assisting with the health and welfare concerns of this neighborhood’s residents as you can get.  See the completely outdated and “unresolved” status of noise complaints made in mid-June 2014.

I will provide more details when I can come up for air. Likely, not until August at this point. Take care! Wear earplugs or headphones, pass through quickly, or wear nose clips! It’s not healthy out there.

While I dive deep to escape the latest torture, you can check out my earlier effort to De-Elect those who are now known as the Mayors of Poohville, at One Good Flush Deserves Another .

True Poop!

True poop. That’s what you came here for, and that’s what you’ll get — “the truth and nothing but the truth.” [This page is under construction, and if I could only hear myself think above the din of Poohville’s shit-hole construction boom, I might get it updated someday.]

More Poop Coming Soon!

The mission of this page is to keep you updated on the latest poop about Poohville USA, a very small, but significantly influential (read “smelly”) part of West Seattle. It is destined to become one of the most famous features of West Seattle, world wide.

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