West Seattle’s 34th District Democrats know where to put their poop! The Honorary Mayors of Poohville, USA, Dow Constantine, Kingly County King; Joe McDermott, Kingly Courtesan; and Tom Rasmussen, Seattle Courtesan, get all the credit for letting the Fauntleroy Wing of the 34th District Democrats turn what used to be a Renter’s Paradise (the Lowman Beach Park neighborhood) into a shit-hole.

Oops, I did it Again! (With the Help of the Seattle Times! 08/24/2014)

It is really quite amazing, in a very dismal way, how easy it is to unveil the anti-intellectual and bullying  underside of Seattle by challenging status-quo mindsets and asking people to think.  Of course, you can’t just ask them to think because that won’t actually work well.  You have to challenge them to get any thinking going.  The downside of challenging well-held under-informed belief systems and Citizen Stockholm Syndrome is it only has marginal positive effects, and can lead to “backlash bullying.”  It’s better than nothing, but still problematic.

So, today, the Seattle Times published an article about me entitled West Seattle rabble-rouser told to remove “pooh” signs.  And, already, by 9:00 a.m., I have been called “a nut… who couldn’t find help,” “a psychologist with a better budget,” and “any weirdo who has good reading comprehension can get the degree.”  So nice of these early reactors to confirm for all the world to see, just how backwards Seattle can be.

Exactly what is “Duckitude”? (08/24/2014)

For readers who may arrive here from the link at the Seattle Times and wish to view what Ducky Wonderland looked like pretty much since 2008, please visit the Duckies Rule! website.

The link at the Seattle Times to the Duckies Rule! Zazzle Shop is not exactly right.  If you want to view the Ducky Cards, Stamps, and Clothing based on the actual ducky characters who had previously entertained as yard art at Ducky Wonderland, well, click right here!

For the 2014 Calendar, click here.  Will there be a 2015 Calendar?  Can’t say for sure — it all depends on where the duckies get to nest.

Exactly what is “Grumpitude”? (08/24/2014)

As the Seattle Times article  notes, my duckitude turned to grumpitude.

Hey, if your city, county, and/or state made you sick, and made the most minimal response possible to that outcome, not only for your health and welfare, but also for your neighbors and hundreds of visitors exposed to the same toxins, you would be a little p.o.-ed yourself, no doubt.  Just to clarify, though, the new motto is “Grumpitude: When Duckitude Just Isn’t Enough!

Welcome! Don’t forget to bring your nose clips!

This shit can’t be made up!

Welcome to our cutting commentary on the stinky irony and the idiocy of the actions of the Honorary Mayors of Poohville to completely destroy the last remaining rental neighborhood of its kind in Seattle, Washington.  We called it “Renter’s Paradise.”

Just before Renter’s Paradise was demolished and erased from the planet forever, it contained 30 sublimely human and interesting residents in 19 homes. You could call their homes “affordable mini-estates” since they were located directly across a residential street from a neighborhood park with a public tennis court 25 feet from the waters of Puget Sound, unobstructed views of the Olympic Mountains, and a 200 foot public beach with access for sailboarding, kayaking, stand-up paddling, kite boarding, and swimming.

Had Renter’s Paradise been an endangered species of plant or animal, it would most likely still be here.  But, just because it was populated by “riff-raff” and it was not up to the standards of the Southern Beach Drive Elitists, it is gone, forever.  Extinct.

The ultimate responsibility for the extinction of this rare species, this immoral act, lies with the Honorary Mayors of Poohville.  Oh, and you can also thank them for all the air, noise, and sewage pollution now visited upon what’s left of the park and the neighborhood.

Today is June 18, 2014. We begin the story of Poohville, USA, a place that was once a Renter’s Paradise which has now been turned into, literally, a shit-hole.

For the most recent news about Poohville USA, please visit our “All the poop that’s fit to print” page.  Right now that page is a little sparse.  It’s not easy trying to defend a neighborhood and its nearby residents from the power of the state, the county, and the city to damage the health and welfare of a neighborhood through atmospheric discharges of sewage mists, sickening frequent unfixed (but complained about constantly) odor problems, and now, diesel exhaust and noise pollution beyond the legal limits on an hourly basis AND not ignore important parts of your own life and life work.

Dealing with such torture and trying to find support for our health and welfare shouldn’t be so difficult, right?  Wrong!  Clearly, by more than a preponderance of evidence with respect to the construction of a 1 million gallon underground sewage tank in a sensitive, heavily populated area next to and within a treasured local beach and park (Lowman Beach Park), Washington State government, at all levels, seems to be more concerned about making itself look good by with-holding and/or spinning data to their benefit than providing residents with user-friendly assistance.

I guess “might makes right” still works in Washington State.

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